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Compost Pile

Put a pile of leaves, a cardboard box, and a watermelon in your backyard, exposed to the elements, and they will eventually decompose. How long each takes to break down depends on a number of factors: What are the materials made of, how much surface area is exposed, the availability of moisture and air Backyard composting is a process designed to speed up the breakdown or decomposing of organic materials.

Let’s take a closer look at how we manipulate the process and speed things up.

We ensure the makeup of the material is a mixture that bacteria and other microorganisms can easily feed upon, breaking them down into compost. A proper C: N ratio is the goal. Carbon in fallen leaves or woodier wastes serves as an energy source. Nitrogen in the greener materials provides microbes with the raw element of proteins to build their bodies.

The more surface area the microorganisms have to work on, the faster the materials will decompose. It’s like a block of ice in the sun: slow to melt when it is large, but melting very quickly when broken into smaller pieces.